Custom Pavilion Pattern Generator

This form is intended for tents resembling our double-pole Second King Rene Tent. However, you can choose a single pole, or three poles, etc. if you wish.

Fill in the below measurements, and receive individualized instructions on building a pavilion similar to ours, including total fabric area, total floor area, total length of guy lines, etc.

We haven't tried to make our tents truly circular or oval, because in fact they're going to be held in shape by finitely many guy lines and finitely many stakes; instead I think of each as a regular polygon with, perhaps, a rectangle stuck in the middle. For example, our first tent was a decagon (10 equal sides), with only one pole so there's no rectangle in the middle. Our second was a dodecagon (12 equal sides), split in half with a rectangle in the middle.

Inches Feet Centimeters Meters

Number of Segments:
(at each end, e.g. 5 for our first, decagonal, tent and 6 for our second.
For a square tent, enter 2, with 1 center pole.)
Number of center poles:
Distance between center poles:
(Disregard if you chose 1 center pole above.)
Height of center pole(s):
Height of tent at "shoulder":
Radius of tent at floor:
(Since this tent isn't perfectly circular at the ends, I mean the maximum radius, i.e. the distance from the base of a center pole to the stake holding the wall out. The minimum radius will be calculated for you.)
Radius of tent at "shoulder":
Do you plan to use "storm guys" outside the roof, in addition to the guy lines that go through the roof? (Hint: these may make the tent easier to put up and take down (see picture), as well as stabilizing it against wind.)
Yes No

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