Music and Dance


Home Recordings

  • Dit le Burgignon
  • L'ultimo di di Maggio
  • Resvelons nous
  • Veris ad imperia
  • Le second jour d'Avril (Agricola)
  • Par droit je puis (Dufay)
  • Stella celi extirpavit
  • Salve virgo
  • Pastime with Good Company
  • An anonymous Crab canon from the Trent codices. This is an unusual retrograde canon in that the beats are displaced so every note that appears as a downbeat in the "forward" voice is an upbeat in the retrograde voice, and the third part played against both of them is not a palindrome.
  • Fuga trium temporum, from the lost Strasbourg MS 222, C. 22, which was burned in 1870 but somebody transcribed parts of it in 1866. Anyway, this is a three-part version with the two canonic lines on our new Prescott recorders and the tenor on a vielle.
  • Buffons for four shawms
  • Deborah's ornamented arrangement of Ecco la Primavera, intended to be in the style of the Faenza codex. (Homework for Tina Chancey's Faenza class)
  • Aspire Refus, a piece from the Faenza codex (Homework for Tina Chancey's Faenza class)